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where arts and imagination fuel the mind  

The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation was created when the Farrell Family saw a need in the community. In caring for Carol, wife and mother, we found that there are few activity based programs for people living at home with dementia/Alzheimer's. We wanted to bring programming to the community in order to help support people's treatment plan and management of their illness. Our programs are largely arts based and focus on multi-sensory elements because art imagination, the use of the senses are areas of the brain that are preserved abilities well into the disease process of dementia.

It is often assumed that people with dementia can not participate in daily life anymore, and that is not true. When we create activities that are accessible for them, they thrive and find joy. People with dementia can create, imagine, and have fun.

Most importantly, isolation is a large contributing factor to increasing the pain and difficulty of having dementia. Our programs are designed to decrease isolation and increase socialization with community support.

Creative Connections in Dementia Care


We offer arts enrichment sessions that include: visual art, music, and creative storytelling and poetry. These engaging activities strengthen communication and provide socialization. Enrichment is provided at no cost. 

Care Circles for Brain Health


We facilitate family care group. We offer networking and coaching sessions. These care circles are designed to support family and individual concerns.  

Build Your Own Care Team


We design customized programs for assisting families, individuals, care providers, and professionals in creating a support team.   

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Our Mission

Empowering and supporting people through the arts.

Our Vision

To create a supportive community which helps people with dementia live lives of meaning and purpose. We also seek to help end the stigma against people with brain disease. 

Our Story 

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Thank you for your donation to help keep our programs running. Please help us continue to provide programming by attending our fundraisers and visiting the donation page on this website

Advocacy & Participation

We feel it is important to speak up and end the stigma around dementia and other brain health issues.   

We offer a variety of programs and seminars in a Dementia Friendly Community. 


We are always looking for volunteers to help lead or assist in our programs. Please contact us to join.